Congress Introduction

The 8th Structural Engineers World Congress SEWC-2021 “ Structural Engineers Work for a Resilient City” will be held on 16-19 Oct 2021 in Shanghai, China.

The SEWC-2021 international congress will provide a unique forum to disseminate the latest knowledge of structural and architectural technology, promote the understanding of complex structural and architectural applications. This is for strengthening dialogues between global professionals from a wide range of disciplines.

The congress aims to bring those researchers and engineers together, who are willing to share some scenarios and their latest advancements in the research of how to achieve resilient city. The research area includes structural engineering, civil engineering, architecture, mechanical engineering and other engineering disciplines. We sincerely invite all relevant academic papers and research data from various fields of expertise. We welcome scholars to contribute to the latest data, materials, products, methods, tools and design solutions that can be discussed in the study of resilient cities.

News & Updates
18 Oct
SEWC 2021 Homepage Open!
Congress Venue
Exhibition Hall(160ppl)
Lecture Hall(280 ppl)
129 Assembly Hall(500ppl)
Meeting Room B103(80ppl)